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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Vol.1-04: Newsletter Information

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September 26, 2004 - Newsletter

September 26, 2004
Beautiful blue skies and silky smooth wind off of Lake Erie made the September club fly a terrific event. It was the kind of day that you could fly almost anything. Sport kites, big lifter single lines, box kites, deltas, Conynes, fighters and more filled the sky. Sixteen club members were in attendance. We were joined by Bob and Sue Travis of GLKS (WNY) and a few families who were not club members, taking advantage of a perfect fall day.

The kites were suspended steadily by the perfect breezes!

It was the kind of day that permitted the comfort of sitting in a chair to enjoy both the spectacle in the sky and conversations with kiting companions.

Our next club fly will be Sunday, October 31st. Let's hope for similar weather conditions and an even better turn out of kiters.

Canal Days Slide Show - 2003

Michael Doherty has created a slide show showing events at the 11th Annual Canal Days Kite Festival held on August 3, 2003. You will remember that our festival experienced some periods of rain in 2003. For much of the day there were cloudy skies as a backdrop. However, it is hard to keep kiters from having a good time when they are gathered together with some wind to harness.

Michael's photos show the Rok competition, many kites in the sky, a lot of our members and the visiting kite fliers from the nine kite clubs represented at the festival. Wow - that Rok battle sure was intense.

These slides will take you down memory lane for certain. We thank Michael for taking time to do this great job and for sharing it with everyone.

You can download the file and play it on your own computer to re-live all of the fun of 2003.
Click here to view the Windows Media File Edition (4 megs in size). This version features music and photos of the events. It runs for 3 minutes and 55 seconds. It will take a while to download and buffer on a dial up connection.
Photos of the 12th Annual Canal Days Kite Festival, held just two months ago on August 1, 2004, will be published in the future. We will advise you by email when they are ready for viewing.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

September 21, 2004 - Newsletter

September 21, 2004 - Newsletter
September Kite Fly - Sunday, Sept. 26th - Lakeview Park
Our regular monthly club fly will be held at HH Knoll-Lakeview Park in Port Colborne this Sunday, Sept. 26th from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The weather has been great lately and we hope it will continue to provide blue skies, warm sun, nice winds off of Lake Erie, and terrific friends to paint the sky with. I hope you will be able to make it!
For up-to-date weather check out the Weather Network forecast for Port Colborne.
Toronto International Kitefest Photos:
The TKF Kitefest held at Milliken Park in Scarborough last weekend provided flyers with good weather and great kites in the sky.
Two on-line galleries showing the kites, some of the kiters present, and the overall scene are found at: a) (Photos by Edwin of TKF)
b) (photographer unknown).
Congratulations to TKF on a successful event. This was the 10th Annual International Kitefest. TKF is aided in this venture by the Toronto Mandarin Club, Industrial Alliance Insurance, a large group of corporate sponsors and the hard work of several of their members.
AKA Convention:
The American Kitefliers Association will be holding their spectacular annual convention in Seaside Oregon from Oct. 11-16, 2004.For more information visit the AKA convention web site pages at:
In 2005, the AKA Convention will be held in Ocean City, Maryland from Sept. 26-Oct. 1, 2005. This site is a reasonable drive from the Niagara Region. The AKA convention is a great opportunity to see the best in kites in the world and to take part in outstanding workshops. Perhaps NWKA should consider organizing a group of interested members to attend this event. Let's talk about it.

Upcoming Events:
NWKA - Final club fly of 2004 - Sunday, October 31st.
Oct. 2nd: First Saturday fly at Gratwick Park. 12:00 noon till whenever.
Oct. 17th: Third Sunday fly at
Gratwick Park. 12:00 noon till whenever.
Saturday, Nov. 13th, 12 noon to 8 p.m. TKF Chili Party, Kite-making workshop and fun fly This years workshop will be on applique techniques by Lam Hoac. The event is held at Zion Church Cultural Centre Don Mills Rd. & Finch Ave. East, Willowdale, Ontario