Niagara Windriders Newsletter

The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 2011 Kite Workshop

Well, It's March an that means it's kite workshop time. Thirtyish enthusiastic kiters arrived on Sunday morning to build the kite designed by Lucy Jonkman and Kerry St. Dennis. The kite is a modified Ginga and designed to be an Ultra Lite Crossover. It can fly very well indoors or outside in a light steady breeze. Everyone set up their sewing machines and scarfed down a donut or two and washed it down with the traditional Timmies coffee. We had representation from 6 clubs, NWKA, GLKS, NYKE, KWWC, TKF and RCFF.

Here's a new sight.... Bob at the controls of a sewing machine! (Christine is ready to help in emergencies)

After some introductions and instructions, we all got busy cutting our sails.

The sound of busy sewing machine gave way to the smell of lunch. At Lunch time, there was a delectable spread of baked beans, pulled pork, buns, pickles, salad and veggies. MMMMMMMMM......good!

Some kites displayed for all to admire.

After the delicious lunch we continued on our quest to finish the project.

Spars were cut to length, bridles were attached and then the final touch... a test flight, both indoors and out.

The March workshop is always well attended and a great way to initiate the years' flying season. I always enjoy seeing all my kiting friends and catching up with stories and anticipation of the months to follow. This project is a great addition to my trunk full o' kites, and will be put to the test at the April indoor kite fly to be held Saturday April 16th (You will get an email for this later in the month)

A special "Thank You" to all who attended and more so to Lucy and Kerry for relieving Bob in running the class. Again, a BIG "Thank You" to Stephanie and her delicious lunch! Thanks also to Mary for collecting the membership dues and the workshop payments, and Donna for her involvement with coordinating the supplies for the workshop.

I for one can't wait for summer and our monthly flying get-togethers. See you all soon, and may we all have a great and safe summer flying season.