Niagara Windriders Newsletter

The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June Monthly Fly

At Lakeview Park on June 27th, we had our monthly club kite fly. There were around 20 members who came out to sunny/cloudy skies and 8 to 15km winds. I arrived at 1:00, and the winds were on the low end. There were several kites flying steadily up a few hundred feet. Donna informed me that the winds would pick up at 2:00. I assembled my crossdeck, and proceeded to coax it into the upper steady winds.

Greg and his son were out and both flying dual lines.

Donna switched out her power sled for a genki after about a half an hour.

Donna was right the winds pick up around 2.

Here is the line laundry Donna attached to the genki.

Tyrone had 2 parrot kites, this one was about 12" (30cm) wide.

Big brother was about 24" (60cm) wide.

Nancy got out a tribute to the sixties...a flower power Buka! This was the one she made at the 2008 workshop and decorated it with flowers.

Although the winds were steady and the sun was shining, the clouds moved in and out and so did the winds. 2 times during the afternoon the wind died to nothing. All the kites came down and we had time to mingle and catch up on kite news. During the conversation Bob Luft mentioned about a 17 year old epileptic boy Conner Doran who flew an indoor Rev style kite on America's Got Talent. View the you tube video of Conner I guess we all have some practicing to do for next time we have an indoor kite fly!

At 3:30 the winds died for the second time and I decided to pack up. I said my goodbyes and headed home. The next monthly fly will be on July 25th. We will be having the usual on field meeting finalizing the arrangements for the annual Canal Days Kite Festival on August 1st. See you all in a month!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

May Fun Fly...A Beautiful Spring Day

The official Kite Season has come with the first fun fly of 2010! We couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The temperature was a pleasant 24C and the winds were moderate at 10kph near the ground. They were a bit stronger up above the tree line, ~15kph or so. I arrived to find Bob Luft, Peggy, and Russel with kites high in the sky. I assessed the wind and put up my trusty butterfly.

Here's Peggy's elephant, much drier than last year's dip in the pond!

I assembled my Revolution Blast, which is one of my favourites, and had it flying. It took about 10 minutes to untangle my 100 ft lines!

I think Rebecca needs to get a life because she took a picture of her feet!

Paul and Mary arrived and put up their Boreal with a gothic design. This baby flew perfectly in the wind!

Bob White arrived fashionably late, and put up some of his new acquisitions.

Andy put up some banner poles with Nemo and some whirly spinners.

More of Bob's new kites.

Peggy had some relatives stop by to help her out and here is an Eagle that she owns.

Andy's Big Butterfly, a very colourful addition to the sky.

There were about 10 of the club members that came out this time, small in comparison to some flys, but there were two other events taking place the same day. Strawberry fields in St Thomas organized by Eric Curtiss and Anne Slaboda. Doug Isherwood has pictures posted here and a festival in Thunder Bay. Thom Shenken, Carlos Simoes and Don Brownridge made the trek all the way up there to represent Southern Ontario and New York. Here is an article from that event.

So it was a busy weekend for kiting and great weather as well. I hope all the scheduled flying days can be as great as this one.

June 27th is the next scheduled fly and I've already requested the same weather as May!
Hope to see everyone out for the June Fun Fly at Lakeview park!