Niagara Windriders Newsletter

The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

2005 Flying Season Ends With a "Blowout"!


Finally after twenty days of gloom and considerable rain, Sunday October 30, 2005 was promised to be a fair weather day. Warm temperatures, sun and blue skies were forecast by both Environment Canada and the U.S. Weather Bureau. With Lakeview Park in Port Colborne, ON located on the north shore of Lake Erie not too far from Buffalo NY, these dual projections of fair weather led to a strong turnout of kite fliers from the Niagara Windriders and some neighbouring kite clubs. What a grand event it is when kiters gather to fill the sky with colour!


All that kiters ask for is fair skies and some breeze. Well, with everyone suffering from some prolonged dreary weather, we must all have wished too hard for sun and breeze. Sun we had, but the wind was very strong! It put kites and kiters to the test as over 45 kite fliers worked to find a kite that would be reasonably steady and not snap spars or blow apart at the seams. Several kiters estimated the wind at 35 km per hour and it was probably all of that!

Nevertheless the day was marvelous. Lots of kites, throngs of chatting kite fliers, unique Hallowe'en themed kites, some costumed fliers, a very nice barbeque of hot dogs and some tummy warming H-O-T apple cider to go with the required Tim Horton's TimBit Muffins. It was great; a fabulous way to end a terrific 2005 flying season.

Visitors attended from Toronto Kitefliers (2) , Royal City Fun Flyers (3) , Renegade Strings (1), and The Great Lakes Kitefliers Society (4). Niagara Windriders had thirty-one members out and welcomed a new family of four into the club as well. What a terrific day!


Here are some of the highlights:
  • Barbequing was handled by Donna Taylor and Stephanie Bowes.
  • H-O-T apple cider (a definite improvement over last year's c.o.l.d cider) was provided by Mary and Paul Kort.
  • the huge pile of TimBit's donuts brought by Stephanie magically disappeared.
  • the Hallowe'en theme for the fly was very well received.
  • great energy was put into costumes, themed kites, and the special mini-kite challenge. Unfortunately high winds prevented any flight attempts of the minis - just not possible!
  • Fred Taylor had a generator driving his VCR and TV showing video highlights of the flying season - great job, Fred.
  • a good crowd of spectators stopped their cars to watch the kites in the sky.
  • the Hot Cider was so delicious that several spectators asked to buy some. Mary, of course, accommodated with our customary hospitality and provided free steaming cups for those who dropped by.
  • Russell Wade lost a kite in the lagoon at the park. It was not the only break away kite of the day due to high winds. Michael Kort gallantly rescued his girl friend Colleen's kite from the lagoon. It was just one year ago that Michael had to wade in to the chilly waters to get one of his own kites that went for a 'wash'. Somehow he seemed more interested in getting this kite out!
  • Jim Anes proudly showed off his new butterfly kite. Great design and sewing work Jim!. It was a bit overwhelmed by the strong wind but will be a great flyer in normal breezes.
  • Richard Dutton had a new Eddy with stunning graphic designs briefly in the air. Again, lots of challenge with winds that were too strong.
  • Todd Vest and Ted Shaw worked at putting up long tails as laundry to tame the winds.
  • Gary Mark resorted to bean bags and doubling up on tail material to weight his "Flying Devil" inflatable and create a successful flying attitude for it.
  • We welcomed the Michalowicz family as new members!

Some special prizes were awarded as well:
  1. Plaks were presented to NWKA members who made up the 'winning' "Across the Niagara Gorge - Homan Walsh Re-enactment Challenge" team. Vaino Raun received the official plak from the Niagara International Kite Festival on behalf of the team. Special team plaks were created for: Bob Luft; Mary, Michael and Kristen Kort; Terri Stayzer and Tyrone Hobbs; Fred and Lisa Taylor; Carlos Simoes and Bob White.
  2. Top prize for Hallowe'en costume: Vince Baish, GLKS (sumo wrestler) - kite making tool set.
  3. Best Hallowe'en Kite: Gary Mark, TKF (Little Devil kite) - night lights for kites
  4. Best Mini-Kites: Kerry St. Dennis, Royal City Fun Flyers (stack of mini-revolutions) - night lights for kites
  5. Best Specially Made Hallowe'en Kites: Terri Stayzer and Tyrone Hobbs, NWKA (unique themed kites with spiders on line) - night lights for kites.
  6. Best Hallowe'en Ground Display: Ted Shaw, GLKS (terrific display flying from banner poles) - night lights for kites.

Clearly everyone was in the mood for flying and fun. It may be a long winter and quite a while before we fly as a club again - so everyone enjoyed themselves.

Watch your email for additional newsletters and announcements leading up to the 2006 season. The new flying dates for 2008 are posted on our NWKA website.

Special thanks to all club members who worked hard and pitched in to make this a very good flying season. Everyone makes this club work by doing their part - it is great!

Photo credits: Lisa Taylor (NWKA), Dennis Ische (RSKC), Lucy Jonkman (RCFF). Thank you!