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The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April "INDOOR" Fly

Back in January at the directors meeting, it was suggested by Donna Taylor to try an indoor kite fly. Well, 4 months later, the weather on Sunday April 25th was cold and rainy, the perfect weather for the scheduled indoor event. 12 members showed up at the Port High School Gym to try some thing new.

Fred brought some industrial type fans to inflate Donna's newest ground displays.

Fred trys out an ultralite dual line.

Well, he got it to fly...briefly!

Paul was running in circles with the Dunton Taylor he made at the March workshop.

Bob had a great time flying the various single line kites he enjoys making out of every day household materials.

Nancy flew his kites as well

Fred brought out the Canada Flag Rev with 10 ft lines. I tried one of mine, it's tougher indoors than outside!

Bob and one of his 4 liners.

Vaino brought in a few interesting kites as well.

Donna and her Bat Kite made at the Cambridge workshop.

Fred tried giving Bob a hand by aiming the fan at Bob's kite.

Here are 2 video's, one of Vaino and his single line kite, and Fred getting the hang of the Rev.

Well, for a first for the club, our members tried their best but here's some links to how it is really supposed to be:

Lam Hoac Flying Routine
Lam Hoac Routine 2

(from the website: where there is more)

At about 3:00, everyone was pretty much worn out from running in circles. Thanks to Donna for arranging to rent the gymnasium. It was a great experience that I am willing to try again. Thanks to everyone who came out and tried their hand at something new.

The May fly will be on May 30th at the regular venue, Lakeside Park, Port Colborne. I am hoping for great weather and seeing everyone out for the next fly.