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The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Monday, August 29, 2011

Almost Too Windy

The August Club fly coincided with the tail end of hurricane Irene which meant very strong gusty winds. My readings were 25km gusting as high as 38/39 kms, and that was at ground level. The winds were even more tricky as they were from the north and swirling due to the trees and hill at the north end of the park.

Donna set up her eyeballs, but had to secure them with an intricate "web" of tie downs. Fred tried to fly a delta, but after getting it in the air brought it down to be on the safe side. Russel got a smaller delta up for a bit and Greg was flying a 4 line parafoil. Most of the afternoon was hanging around talking. I showed off my new KAP (Kite Aerial Photography) setup and was hoping to test it out, but I feared Irene's winds were too strong. As usual, Bob had some of his smaller homemade kites up and flying.

Our next club fly will be on the 25th of September, but there is windfest on September 17th at Woodbine beach in Toronto. Let's hope for good weather for both events.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Canal Days Kite Festival 2011

Well, another great weekend with good friends, lots of kites and GREAT winds!

The weekend started on Saturday for a "rev" clinic hosted by Kerry, Lucy, Bill and Kathy. Its was attended by beginners as well as seasoned flyers. I attended hoping to get some advice on flying and setting up my home made kites. When I arrived there were 6 kiters practicing there four line maneuvers in a wind approximately 12-15 kph. I pulled out my kite and set it up on 90lb 100ft lines. I flew it for a few minutes and then Bill came over to assist me. He checked my setup, made a few minor adjustments and then handed it back to me. Wow, it flew much better. I learned the proper control line setup lift to brake ratios. This is one thing I always wanted to know. We then checked the kite bridle and again Bill suggested a change. We made this alteration, checked the bridle and went back to a few flying tricks. I was so glad I went just for these reasons. Both Bill and Kerry tried the new setup and complimented on the kite. (It was my very first home kite project) I then got out my Benson Air Bow and flew it for a while. Again, Bill and Kerry came over to try it out. I guess that was the first time they flew it. Here are a few pictures.
Saturday Night was the night fly. Although I did not attend this, those that were there say it was the best in years!. There were good winds, good enough to put up a few suttons! Jim and Barb had 2 night kite trains up as well. There were flood light to illuminate the kites. ( Fred Taylor sent me these pictures)

On Sunday morning, I arrived at the park to overcast skies and 25kph winds! People were setting up banners, ground displays and their big kites. The clouds moved off and the sun came out. The winds were strong all day.I set up my homemade Diamond cellular kite and it went up to join the big Suttons! Music was playing, thanks to Bob and Christine White. There were Team Rev Demos by Bill, Kerry and Brendan as well as a solo by Drew.The day went on, kite went up and came down, sometimes on there own!
Michaela, does Harald know about this?!

Midway in the afternoon, it was time to send up the octopus and various sea creatures to try to create the "Aquarium in the Sky". There was enough wind that there was no need for a pilot!
By 4pm the sky had been filled with every imaginable kite and colour! To show how strong the winds were here's a video.

I put together 2 panoramics:
After 4:30 the group gathered at the pavilion to enjoy a barbeque dinner put on for the kiters.
We raffled a Butterfly Kite made by Carlos Simoes and hand painted by Jacques Latourneau, it was won by George Paisiovich. The main door prize was a beautiful Gothic Flare kite by Eric and Anne of Boreal Kites.
The "awards" were then given out to various kiters for there efforts on and off the field.
Altogether I took 100 pictures, I selected a few to capture the spirit of the events to share here. My full album is here:

Ted Shaw's Album Link:

Thom Shanken's "Kite's eye view" pictures. Great shots from above!

Carlos Simoes Web Album:

Doug Isherwood's Photo Album:

Fred & Donna Taylor's Web Album:

As others share their web albums I will add them in this list, so check back a few times to see them.

I would like to acknowledge the kite clubs who attended this years festival. They are:

Ohio Society for the Elevation of Kites
Great Lakes Kitefliers Society

New York Kite Enthusiasts

American Kitefliers Association

Toronto Kitefliers

Kitchener Waterloo Wind Climbers

Royal City Fun Flyers

South Coast Kite Conspiracy

Niagara Windriders

There are also many of the Windriders who helped make the event a great success. Bob and Christine White, The Kort Family, The Taylor Family, Vaino Raun, Andy and Diane DeTomaso, Bob and Nancy Luft, Stephanie, Peggy and probably a few I missed.

All in all, a great weekend was enjoyed by so many kiters and spectators. Next year will be our 20th year. Mark August4th and 5th on your calendars!

Sunday August 28th will be our next monthly kite fly so come out and enjoy another day of friends and kites!