Niagara Windriders Newsletter

The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Sunday, May 06, 2007

First Fly of 2007!

For the days leading into the weekend, the weather forecast couldn't have been any better! Sunny, no chance of rain and highs of 24C. Well, that was if you were in town, Lakeside Park was a different story. Yes we had sunshine, there was no rain, but because of the 15 km winds coming off the lake, the temperature was 13C with a windchill making it feel like 8C.
For all our US friends that made it to the fly, you know how cold it was , I won't bore you with the conversions.
The steady strong wind provided plenty of reason to get out the big kites, and by the peak of the afternoon there were 20-25 kites flying with various forms of line laundry attached to most of them. Vaino's Octopus made it's third flight as a NWKA member and at the end of the day with some erratic gusty winds, took over the left side of the flying field.

How many kiters does it take to assemble a bee kite? The answer is 5 (I stepped out to take the picture)

Bob's Bee kite didn't come with instructions, but it did come with alot of spars! It took the 5 of us about 20 minutes to figure out where and how they all fit.

Success! The bee kite flies!

The first monthly club fly was enjoyed by all who came out. The traffic was steady for the curious spectators. People parked their cars and took in the beauty. Let's hope for another great day and turnout for May 27!