Niagara Windriders Newsletter

The Official Newsletter of the Niagara Windriders Kitefliers Association, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

Friday, August 05, 2005

13th Annual Canal Days Kite Festival Report

Excellent weather and steady breezes out of the south west greet over ninety visiting kite fliers from all across Southern Ontario and from the USA.

On Saturday evening, July 31st, a spectacular night fly was held with about thrity fliers in attendance. Lighted kites and reflective kites filled the skies as the breeze came up around 9:00 p.m.

On Sunday, August 1st, the main festival day, the skies were filled with a wide variety and large number of kites. A large crowd of onlookers encouraged the kiters to demonstrate their skill and artistry with kites. Appreciation is extended to the event's corporate sponsor, INCO.

At the conclusion of the day's flying, all registered kiters were treated to a barbeque by members of the Niagara Windriders. This provided a good opportunity for kite related discussions and a chance to make new friends or renew acquaintances.

Many draw prizes were given away and then attention turned to the awards ceremony.
Awards Presented at 13th Annual
Canal Days Kite Festival - August 1, 2005

1. Kiters' Choice Award: Presented in Memory of Doug Niznik
Manta Ray - Meg and Bill Albers, GLKS

2. Best Historical Kite: Wm. Abner Eddy Kite Train
Construction and flight - Dennis and Arlene Ische, Renegade Strings

3. Dual Line Ballet: Rudy Jeung

4. Night Flight Trains: Jim and Barb Gibson, OSEK

5. Most Original Kite: 27' Sky Man - Ted Shaw, GLKS

6. Rokkaku Battle Champion: Michelle Wellsford, TKF

7. Teddy Bear Drop: Karen, Irving and Emma Reid, TKF

8. Running of the Bols: Jim and Rebecca Anes, NWKA

9. Most Beautiful Hand Dyed Kite: Eric Curtis and Anne Sloboda, SCKC

10. Most Congenial Kiters: Sue and Bob Travis, GLKS

11. Most Patriotic Kite: Don Brownridge, TKF

On Monday, August 2nd, five Windriders and seven community volunteers helped over seventy-five children make sled kites at the annual "Kids-n-Kites" Day.

The 14th Annual Canal Days Kite Festival will be held on August 5, 6, 7, 2006.